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hi there and welcome to the eventual sunday mix, today its 30%. this week we have dancin' and lots of it from the likes of K7, 2Live Crew, Chemical Brothers (have u noticed that every goddam mix i have posted on this blog contains at least one chemical brothers remix, and then maybe another song by some one else that sounds like chemical brothers? because i have and i know why, its because they are s o g o d d a m v o g u e i just couldn't believe it.) fannypack, Felix, and the fuckin' VENGABOYS> you heard it im playing the VENGABOYS so you know im DOWN> im so into the vengaboys they should be called the vougeaboys on my account, and it's not just a joke, next week's mix has got the most venga venga track and ill give u a hint its not "boom, boom, boom, boom" "the vengabus (we like to party)" or even "going to ibiza"!!!! can u guess it? cause if u do, i will personally suck your balls. comments are welcome if u would like to join this or many other contests that we can arrange in private or in public.

as usual, i made this mix live in person on my computer and expect people to listen to it for promotional purposes only. like in the backs of limos and stuff. and really early and really late after parties where all the business deals get made. and champagne and heros and dimes and goons and ballers and hoes and freaks and bis and the tracklist is posted in the comments, as usual.

30% Mix by Vincent Van Vogue


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Vincent Van Vogue said...

hotel motel 8===D K7
don't stop 8===D Dirty Beatniks
don't stop 8===D Freestylers
pump that 8===D Fannypack
wet n wild (dj laz remix) 8===D 95 South
on a roll man 8===D Machines Don't Care
get up on it like this 8===D Chemical Brothers
move something (max payne edit) 8===D 2LiveCrew
pretty girls don't dance 8===D Felix Da Housecat
your place or mine 8===D VOUGEABOYS