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today we have dancing movies. again culled from onerous youtube.

Stomp the Yard II (200?)

Stomp the Yard I (2007)


Sundaze III

"gameboys" from

allow me to introduce to you:

20% Mix by Vincent Van Vogue

This week is relatively hype and wack in even amounts. And of course by wack i mean WHACK!, clap in the face, kick in the shin, bass punch in your gut, and a wad of gum in your hair. Rock out to the sounds of Daft Punk, Crookers, Amanda Blank/Robot Koch, and of course, En Vogue. That track being a really great remix i got off of the single CD which proves these blog punks did not invent the sublime beauty of a good re-rub, but we are refining the practice evermore.

oh i and i really did intend for that awkward 20 or so seconds of silence 20 minutes in, honest. it is 20% mix after all.... EMOTE

As always, the tracklixst is in the comments.
more later lovers,

mouvez le voux II

didn't want to go a full week without posting something otherwise, so here's a collection of rando youtube movies to emulsify the page before i hit u up with the sunday mix, which is poppin.

first we have the gus van sant directed video for dee-lite's song, runaway, a song which gets some play on the weekly radio show i have the dubious honor of guesting on, RELATIVELY BEYOND THE RADIO hosted by her realness of concealness. the show is every thursday 1-3pm and i sincerely hope u turn your tuners to FM 103.3 at that time or direct your web browser to the VFR website to stream at these times.

this video is dope because of towa tei's dope bowlcut, and the kitschy use of chromakey.

vor my upcoming album tentatively titels "barnyard animals", one of my key artistic inspirations has been the music part of the SNES game mario paint, which is like midi sing along song composing, and produces some beautifully simplistic reductions such as this rendition of some sonic the hedgehog music:

my favorite noise this software makes is the dog barking, which unfortunately is not featured in this clip. u can see it up there in the toolbar right behind where mario is bouncing up and down.

OK if found a sick transposition of the punchout music which features both the dog and cat noises which are to be central in my aesthetics in my current work:

MEOW MEOW the goose makes a pretty great orchestra hit.

moving along, here are a few more earlyish 1990's music videos ive come across on you tube, enjoy:

Corona- I Don't Wanna Be A Star (1996)

E-Zee Posse & MC Kinky - Everything Starts With An "E" (1990)

E-Zee Posse & MC Kinky - Everything Starts With An "E" ('96 Remix)

Reel 2 Real - Raise Your Hands (1994)

Reel 2 Real - Conway (1995)

C & C Music Factory - Do You Wanna Get Funky (1994)

Why can't music and fashion be this ridiculous and amazing again? I suppose that's where we're headed, but its just not as unabashed as before. someone needs to invent a new wonderdrug. or not.


Sundaze II

hey bocky boxes, download this and get it pumpsin. this week's mix features hercules, technotronic, 2 in a room, Duke Dumont, etienne de crecy, solid groove and morez! i think you will like the ludicrous blend of italo disco, 90's classix, and future house.
post a comment, listen and come back every sunday!

10% mix by Vincent Van Vogue



some of you watch out there watch movies on the internet. i watch harry potter (2001) on vhs once or twice a day.

today is an exercise in typing everything on my vhs shelf into youtube and posting them all here. enjoy<>

first we start with a clip that brings me ecstatic joy: one of the two extended scenes from hp (2001) feat. snape ripping hermione and harry new ones. remember, snape kills dumbledore!

clearly, hermione knows!

next we have maybe the best scene from the wayne's world (1992): garth on drums

i love the bad aspect ratio and how the miss the tragic ding he hits on the cymbal at the end. moral: invest in vhs.

now ironically, we have the featurette on the vhs of elvira, a detail i lack on my dubbed cassette including elvira mistress of the dark (1988), reptilicus (1962), voodoo woman (1957) and house of wax (1953). i wont look for any clips of these because they're all really boring. voodoo woman has good drumming the whole way through, though.

they get some of the choicest clips from the movie though.
as a bonus splurge on the topic of elvira, i found this also on you tube: an hour long clip of someone playing the old elvira video game on an amiga. hilarious, thanks dorks, you've done it again. i think i might watch this whole thing someday, perhaps along side elvira on vhs. hmmmmm....

i clicked through it a bit just then and couldn't make any sense of it. do you even get to play as elvira? the fight scenes are pretty funny though. old video games seem to make everything seem like such a colossal waste of time. like looking back, will anyone in the future care at all about anything you do all day today, or did with all of your life? didn't think so. not a question to direct one's life on, anyway.

OMG i can't believe i found a clip from dandy dust (1998)! just great. this movie is super intense. thanks kara lynch!

this movie, glen or glenda (1953), with bela lugosi and written and directed by ed wood, proves that people were more way retarded back in the day than they are retarded even now!

sorry that i use the word retarded. it means slow.

next we have ghost ship (2002), a movie that should end after the first four minutes, i think. the best scene is located there. however, it then dawdles about building up to this climactic scene that you really could care less about after watching through all the junk.

saves u the trouble of watching it, anyway.

now we have alien nation (1988), a movie that was spun off into a short tv series that i never saw. this movie is lame.

i couldn't find a clip from the movie so that was from the tv show. i didn't watch it. did u think it was good?

i wanted to do my whole shelf but now im tired of all this so ill put more later. besides my shelf changes all the time so ill post new things im checking out on the vhs realm that some other human has invariably transferred to our dear horrible youtube.

ill leave you with this fan movie made with clips from harriet the spy (1996) cut up with that really really bad song. the movie kind of made me cringe to watch all over again, and this clip makes it so dramatized intensified with all the sloe moe, the cringe deepens into a gut laugh, i promise. and now isn't that what we are all looking for in the end?

more later lovers,


Sundaze Vol I

hey beckies, so remember this is all about music, and so here we are kicking things off with a mix i made today just for you!  every sunday i will be posting one of these sexy 10-track dance voyages for you to have and savour and share!!  this week is positive raves adn some hard electro grooves featuring some of our very favorite pals:  juiceboxxx, golden bug,  justice v simian, m.i.a., chemical brothers, mr oizo, mylo and much more> i be post a full traklist always in the comments area from now onz~!