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hey deer readers, welcome to VVV'z Musical Male Role Models Volume I.

today im talking about one of my fave boys who i heard about last year and continues to be a shining light in the world, the one and only cody critcheloe AKA (leader of?) ssion, who put his own second album, fool's gold, out last year, and was released on sleazetone this year. the album is polarizing, but i absolutely love it. cody is at once a subversive clown, and a perverse iconoclast, beating down tragic pretentiousness of the music world while celebrating cult and camp smut of the last 3 decades and serving them up in a way all his own.

this video for the song ASAP, with its cheezy chromakeying, psychedelic symmetry and ravey flashing primary colors, is both an example of the baseness of contemporary you-tube-y music vid trash, and a blissful montage of sexuality and sex symbols reconfigured for queer/crazy troll lovers everywhere.

i feel like i have to say pink floyd and scissor sisters when i talk about the song 'ah ma' by ssion. it was confirmed when dennis just walked by my room and thought he had heard the song before, when clearly he couldn't have. the slow mellow dub roll and hammy, whiny lead vocal is a tribute to junky classic rocks songs, esp when the solo kicks in. its slinky and delish, but OMG this video is amazing. cody's tragic deadpan crossed with the outrageous kinky hair salon/torture porn is so twisted and hilarious. amazing work by drew bolton on the imagery.

I really love the song 'clown' and i thought it got a proper release because it got remixed so much, but i dunno. but i wish there was a video for it!!!! anyway to make up for it here are a few of the remixes, you should go buy the album 'fool's gold' right now and hear the original. or come over to my house and we will listen to it and laugh and laugh...

'Clown' by Ssion - (MOVES!!!! Remix)
'Clown' by Ssion - (Tactic Remix)

ok are we cool? cause get ready for the SUNDAY REMIX POST ON A SUNDAY FINALLY

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