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mouvez le voux vol 4- epic!!!!

ugh youtube is so horrible. i wanted to do another movez post, and i just watched so much crap that made me feel so uncomfortable i won't post any of it, but i'm ashamed i wasted all that time.

this first vid is priceless tho, i just saw extreme animals at rendevoux the other day and they were fantastic. this video is kind of exactly what it was like, only lighter and younger.

Sam vs. Extreme Animals

cute AND vogue! i commented and told him he should have beeen at the show.

im obsessed with the daft punk song "phoenix" right now, and was looking on le tube to see if there was ever a music vid for it. there wasn't, just those kind of lame vids that post the song and a still pic of the album cover that are only really handy when you're at someone's house and you have a sudden craving for a song that they don't own and they have net connex. lame. but then there was this live performance of kevin blechdom in phoenix arizona doing her version of "i will always love you"

Kevin in Phoenix -

i generally don't like live vids, its always seemed really paradoxical except in special circumstances like if something crazy happens in the show or all the people are famous and dead. but this one is a winner, you just have to wait for it. the key change was clearly the best part of the whitney houston video and if you don't remember i reccommend you go watch that, too. anyways clearly our dear kevin recognizes this simple fact, and completely outdoes whit, hands down. LUL

then i was going to look up vengaboys because everything good in house music, r'n'b/hip-hop musics, AND experimental musics right now are all starting to sound like vengaboys to me. i shoould make some cases in point, but more on that later. anyways what i found when i looked a bit is this really sad and tremendously awkward video of roy from the vboys from 2005 working as what else? an airplane steward!

i could not believe this guy just sat there and taped him, commenting all the while and this bitch he's with is laughing blatantly at him. they took this movie not even realizing this person is famous and not rich!! they just thought he was a funny flamer i think! how terribly sad. roy seems to take it well. i would have been PISSED>

then i was starting to just look at random shit, and most of it was awful. this made me titter though, imagining being behind this woman on the plane as she hawks her erotic novel to a bunch of phantoms in public.

3,045 spectres and counting!

then i watched a misogynist deodorant commercial that took place on an airplane, a vid of 2 clearly underage girls doing scandalous things to Boom, boom, boom, boom by the vboys that im sure their parents don't know about, but 450,000 creepy dudes do. (btw i don't really know how to do the math on that one, clearly creepy dudes watch things like that over and over, thus reducing the actual amount of public exposure and increasing the amount of focused creepy exposure that im sure most of these girls barely consider beyond the grossest of ego boosts. ugh shallow people make honest attempts at ballpark estimates so complex and vague.) OH YEAH i was weirded out that the official vid for boom ^ 4 only had 89,000 hits compared to the tweeny boppers. then i found it posted by a different person and it had 880,000 hits so i was a little more relieved. then i stumbled (5 month late?) on to the internet sensation jetta full of asian boys screaming irritatingly to boom^4 which i couldn't even watch for more than 10 seconds and some how garnered 5.9 MILLION views!!! WTF?! the more i look at the youtube the less the world makes sense. i guess this is why normaltube is so highly regulated. teh power of images and numbers to shatter the mind's grasp on the world at large, i will never get over. i should give you links for all these things, but i don't want to waste my time or yours any more than is desirable.

no more vids for today but i will try and remember which vogueaboys song had a video where they were on a plane and stewards and stewardessez. it would fit with today's theme though so i guess i will go look a bit right now......


ok so i started this post on such a negative note, but OMG after watching a bunch of vengaboys vids i veel so very HAPPY! its just all so beautiful and amazing i have to share it with you. first of all the plane vid in question is computer animated and amazing. "we're going to ibiza", you know ibiza the island off spain that used to be a huge summer party spot until this song was made and everyone in europe crowded in? yeah i don't know it either. someone i know always thought this song was "we're going to eat pizza" which frankly i think would would have been a much better thing to sing about, because this song is just so delish and ill probably never go to spain nor any islands of its coast, but i will eat pizza.

Vengaboys - "We're Going To Ibiza" (1998)

lols at 1;40ish when they go to DC and people are fukkin in the white house. i always thought this was a live vid where they dressed up as actual stewardesses, but it must have been a confused manufactured memory. i get those a lot. i am not a liar.

this is confusing and illustrates the fact that some cultures are just different.

Hilbrand Nawijn - "We're Going To Ibiza"

i wanted them to get off the bikes and start dancing, but the old guy just decides to fuck the shit out of it instead.

OH GOD i WISH they wouldn't have used this song for that really irritating six flags commercial with the old guy simulacra. if i were an artist i would sell my music to commercials all day for the money, but oh wait i am an artist and no commercial wants my music (yet). and then again all the songs that i like on their own are ruined when they are forced to be associated with whatever they are used to sell. its obnoxious and mars good music for as long as we remember the advertisements that went along with them that we wish to forget, but they are designed to be so goddamned insidious just like a good pop song hook to begin with. remember only 4 or 5 years ago, when "just what i needed" by the cars could be dropped at a party and everyone would just go nuts and fall all over and pogo and hug each other with out thinking of the color red and circuit city? ive never even been to circuit city.

Vengaboys - "We Like To Party (The Vengabus)" (1998)

religious people who have clear cut views of good and evil clearly never have to discuss the vagueness in between "good music" and "commercial success". everytime i think about it i forget everything i believe in and go all

I RAMBLE this ones hysterical because the video screenshot via youtube (crotch shot!) and the faggy dance battle in the milkbar. (roy gets served?)

Vengaboys - "Shalala Lala" (2000)

another hit with me, though i'm quite sure nothing this gay is even allowed NEAR jamaica.

Vengaboys - "Uncle John From Jamaica" (1999)

here is some more, with less money, and i think the most value of the whole bunch. if they never had a hit, and all their videos looked like this, imagine the cult status they would have! is that a good thing?

Vengaboys - "Up & Down" (1998)

So along with all this vengaboys i watched youtube clearly nudged me towards these old gems that belong on the shelf right next to my vogueaboys: enjoy!

Aqua - "My Oh My" (1997)

go to the rene dif website and listen to his new song. j/k actually aqua are back together and performing again! THey've ruled out the 3rd album rumor, but they might do a greatest hits with some extra stuff and new tracks and the new versions of the old ones theyve been playing live.

Toy-Box - "Best Friend" (1999)

toy-box is a bootleg aqua, but still pretty endearing. reading all these bands wikipedia pages is so tragic. people that get lapped up by record companies, get promoted hard and all this money invested in them, and then kicked to the curb and soon as trends change (trends managed by the companies that employ them) i could rant again, i wont.

Toy-Box - "The Sailor Song" (1999)

ATC (A Touch Of Class) - "My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dum Dum Dum)" (2001)

BeFour - "Magic Melody" (2007)

sound familiar?

Clea - "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" (2005)

Lolly - "Mickey" (1999)

we don't HAVE to write our own songs OWN SONGS, to have a good time dancin ALL NITEZ lol.

Lolly Pop & The Couture Club - "Elevator Operator" (2007)

Aqua - "Lollypop" (1997)

Fast Food Rockers - "Fast Food Song" (2003)

(this song was at one time #2 on the UK charts after evanescence's "bring me to life" LOLOLOL)

Fast Food Rockers - "Say Cheese! Smile Please" (2003)

Barndance Boys - "Yippie I Oh" (2003)

which is of course derived from the amazing:

Rednex - "Cotton Eye Joe" (1994)

Rednex - "Cotton Eye Joe (2002 Version)" (2002)

Rednex - "Football Is Our Religion" (2008)

Scooch - "Flying The Flag (For You)" (2007)

and so it comes full circle with a song made last year with a video that takes place on an airplane of all places! The name of the group makes me NEED to mention Scotch, the old Italo-Disco hotties that this eurodance is a direct child of. I'll make a crunk Italo post soon. (I have 20-odd volumes of "I Love Disco Diamonds" !!!!!)

ok im trying to round out what turned into an epic eurodance post lol. heres some steps, this first vid has a much better version on youtube but the cunts have disabled embedding! who does that?

Steps - "5,6,7,8" (1997)

Steps with B*Witched, Cleopatra Comin Atchya, Tina Cousins and Billy Piper - "Thank ABBA For the Music"

clearly not the real vid for it, but pretty amazing nevertheless to hear them actually thank abba at the end for basically tombraiding them hard over the years. OH i have the Erasure tape "ABBAesque" which is worth mentioning right now, but i have no more stamina, and i really hate ABBA ever since "Mamma Mia!" I think its the worst thing, ever. Love Alison Moyet tho!

Steps - "Better Best Forgotten" (1999)

More Later Lovers,

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