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hey boxes,
i first of all wanting to apologize for lack of sunday post this week. there is no excuse besides that i was doing a deep-ass clean of our house that consumed all of the day's attention. also that last movie post was to have more flesh in theory, but i was trying to post it in the middle of a BBQ/BDAY party that proved to be much more fun than klacking away at this drivel. y'all can look up bring it on 1, 2, and 3, breakin' 1 and 2, you got served 1 and 2, save the last dance 1 and 2, and any patrick swayze dance sequence on your own time. there is just too much in that category, frankly. the nexxt movie post will feature late 80's/ early 90's dance vids.

so now that i am employing a redirect, a turning point of sorts on this medial endeavour, i seek to connect with you, fair reader/listener of this webelong: what is going on out there in the sphere? are you comfortable? are you finding paths to fuller, more actualized states of being visa vee this gateway? which tracks did y'all adore and wouldn't mind finding tucked in a forthcoming steaming pile? which tracks were, in your mind's eye and beyond, mere steaming piles? comment, you must. come on now, its not a big deal, its not high lit, ill wipe my ass with the comment roll, were it ever physicalized, which im sure it must never...

alright already with the fecal modifiers. more later, lovers

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