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because this blog is continuing i was thinking about blogs in general ending. i've been witness to it a few times, and for varied reasons. this post is about blogs that die. i expected to find a quick link from google to a blograveyard that listed all the fallen soldiers and the date/reason for their passing. but of course this histrionics is not possible unto the land of great speed, great brevity, great uncertainty: maximum bandwidth internets. certainly no history of such matters is plausible or potable, or palatable, but here we have some examples i have culled....

it seems that people, by and large, quit blogging when they get a real job.
peoplecame up with a "great list, even for those of us who do a lot of grant writing!"

some blogs move onto self-hosted urls and delete everything from blogger except a redirect post and my comment.

this guy likes to talk a lot. he should keep up with that, its really uninteresting. also he likes to cross things off and rename them. what a heretic.

this post shares the title of this post, but is it a last post, unlike mine? i cant tell.

more later lovers,

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