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allow me to introduce to you:

20% Mix by Vincent Van Vogue

This week is relatively hype and wack in even amounts. And of course by wack i mean WHACK!, clap in the face, kick in the shin, bass punch in your gut, and a wad of gum in your hair. Rock out to the sounds of Daft Punk, Crookers, Amanda Blank/Robot Koch, and of course, En Vogue. That track being a really great remix i got off of the single CD which proves these blog punks did not invent the sublime beauty of a good re-rub, but we are refining the practice evermore.

oh i and i really did intend for that awkward 20 or so seconds of silence 20 minutes in, honest. it is 20% mix after all.... EMOTE

As always, the tracklixst is in the comments.
more later lovers,

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Vincent Van Vogue said...

Musique - Daft Punk
Musique Non-Stop - Kraftwerk
Free Yo Mind (Theo's Rec and Wreck Remix) - En Vogue
Charly (Skurk's Charly Sez Jack Remix) - Prodigy
My Penny - Crookers
Hold Me Down (FOAMO Remix) - Primary 1
Bust It Homeboy - Wax Motif
Get it Now (Robot Koch Remix) - Amanda Blank
U Make Me Wanna Wiggle (Mike B Edit) -The Brothers Johnson
Relax In The City - Krames

over and out