Impressionistic Voguish Vibes


Sundaze II

hey bocky boxes, download this and get it pumpsin. this week's mix features hercules, technotronic, 2 in a room, Duke Dumont, etienne de crecy, solid groove and morez! i think you will like the ludicrous blend of italo disco, 90's classix, and future house.
post a comment, listen and come back every sunday!

10% mix by Vincent Van Vogue


Vincent Van Vogue said...

come on ()() technotronic
nymphae song ()() le knight club
you belong (riton remex) ()() hercules & love affair
this is sick (yeah!woho! remix) ()() solid groove
when i hear mu'sic ()() duke dumont
wiggle it ()() 2 in a room
am i wrong? ())() etienne de crecy
wipe that sound (()() mouse on mars
computerized love ()()) tango
rainbow flag ()(() matmos

crate z. said...

this is the best soundtrack to work for the rabbi to