Impressionistic Voguish Vibes


A Manifesto Of Sorts, PT I

I know I'm late to this blog game, doi.  Don't think I haven't been puncturing the blogobubble for quite some time now.  Don't think I haven't read Andrew Keen, and don't think I don't think he's a pretentious fool!

This site will function as a gateway, yes, a cultural bazaar of musical delights on the edge of cutting.  I will bring to you selections that I cull from my many sonic endeavors into recorded formats:  cassette, vinyl, cd, and mp3.  I will blend them up into mixxys for you to dance to, enjoy to, LIVE TO>

Surely I am not the only one on this path to wisdom, the path thru endless samples at 44000 a second;  vibrations captured and mastered and pushed to the edges of perception forming a trail, a gossamer path to ecstatic bliss, the very heart of enlightenment, and beyond to trancendental oneness...  No, I am not the only one trying to push you onto this path, dear listeners, but I am-- the VOGUEST~!

More later, lovers.

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